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Evotions Vegan Coaching

Want to be vegan but struggling?

We know it can be difficult to go vegan for many reasons. We are here to help. From trouble with dietary allergies and restrictions, questions about nutrition, mental blocks, mindset, and so much more. We have a private accountability group on Facebook you can join and we also have 8 week one-on-one coaching programs to help you on your transition journey.

Vegan Coaching: Welcome
Preparing Eggplant

Programs Offered

We offer two specialized programs to coach your through your journey to becoming vegan

Vegan Coaching: Classes

A private group with guides and tons of information, tips, and support. 
Cost: one-time $10 fee to join and $2 per month to stay in the group. No commitment, cancel anytime. 

Happy Girl Jumping

An eight week program designed specifically for YOU! Tackle any oppositions and be confident in your choices. You are going to feel so good! 
Cost is a flat $397 and you get all this included and more: 
*work through mindset and blocks keeping you from achieving your goal(s) 
*up to three 45-minute calls each week to help determine the right path for you 
*personalized diet plans and sample menus to guide you 
*stay accountable by keeping food journal 
*budget-friendly grocery lists
*daily posts with Q&A in group 
*resources, health info, documentaries 

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